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Amalgam Research:

The Journal of Dental Research compared Amalgam Separators for price and performance.

Only one was superior in both tests:

Our Medium Priced model The Amalgam Collector™ significantly outperformed its more expensive competitors.

line cleaners

EPA 40 CFR Parts 403 & 401, mandates separators and pH nuetral line cleaners.

See Update from Amalgaway Inc.

Amalgam Recycling & Amalgam Separators

Environmental authorities have detected mercury concentrations in municipal waste waters that exceed acceptable levels. In response, regulatory agencies are cracking down on dental amalgam in waste water as an environmental cleanup priority.

If you don’t properly collect and dispose of excess amalgam, you may be subject to potential liability.

The Amalgam Collector™ was found to be 99.98% effective in removing amalgam particles in ADAHF Research Institute comparative testing!

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