2.5 Gallon Amalgam Sludge Mail Disposal Kit


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The 2.5 Gallon Sludge Disposal Kit is for amalgam sludge only. To prepare the sludge for shipment, remove as much of the liquid as possible. Utilize the absorbent agent provided to absorb any remaining liquid. Place in the provided plastic bag and deposit into the 2.5 gallon bucket. We do accept ALL amalgam separators sludge. If your separator is a  larger size, your facility may need to utilize the 5 gallon size kit. Place your order by phone if this is the case and inform our  sales associate so they may provide the proper packaging.

Like our other products, the price includes all **shipping fees, recycling fees, and your recycling certificate. This kit must be returned one year after the start date. The start date is determined when the kit is first utilized .

** WA, OR, CA shipping fee: $20.00
** AK and HI shipping fee: $30.00