What is Bio-Pure?

Bio-Pure is a 100% all natural line cleaner used at many dental offices. This product forces organic wastes down the traps with it’s microbial formula. The beauty of Bio-Pure is that it restores vacuum suction and will continue to clean in between uses. It is not harmful to humans and animals, while also being environmental safe. Dentists who have used Bio-Pure has given continuous positive reviews.

Bio-Pure Uses Microbes to Clean

Every dental facility has there own daily process  of cleaning their traps and equipment. Calcium and other organic wastes gather and clog the inside of the vacuum lines over time. Eventually these wastes will become immune to chemical cleaners and they will become blocked, which can cause backup and interfere with daily workflow. This is where the power of Bio-Pure comes into play.

Bio-Pure has a neutral ph that is safe for all pump equipment, including amalgam separators. The microbial formula soaks the system and works away all of the bacteria and other wastes. It first breaks down the waste into microbe sized bites, these bites gives energy which multiplies into an active colony that eats away the waste. Traps, filters and amalagam separators are clear of these wastes and then the suction is restored. Chemicals dissolve the waste, but do not clear the system and will not continue to work in between cleans. Bio-Pure continues to clean after each use. Go Green!

Benefits of Using Bio-Pure

  • In 2000, Bio-Pure® was rated number 1 out of 132 entries in a 3-year United-Nations funded study
  • Guaranteed to improve vacuum line suction
  • Eliminates cleaning traps by hand
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Chemical free
  • Neutral pH
  • Cleans in between uses
  • Amalgam Compliant
  • No more build up on busy days
  • Eliminate prophy build up
  • Safe for humans
  • Safe for animals
  • Environmentally safe
  • Recommended and positive reviews from Dentists

Cleaning Process of Bio-Pure

When beginning to use Bio-Pure, during the first week you will experience an increase of debris and wastes that may appear in the traps. You will need to clean these by hand a few times, but after 2-3 weeks of using Bio-Pure you will start to see less and less amounts of wastes. Soon after the product begins to start intensely working you will not need to clean these by hands anymore.

The reason it takes a few weeks for this product to drastically show results is once Bio-Pure is added, the years of accumulation from the other cleaners are released. You will see a large amount of sludge in the traps, do not panic, this is a good sign. The accumulation shows the Bio-Pure is performing and slowly the vacuum suction begins.

Bio-Pure digests and breaks down the organic wastes, which will eliminate cleaning the traps by hand. All you need to do is dump the traps 2 times a month. Once it is used, it will continue to clean. Once cell will divide and multiple into millions in just 8 hours, they continue to do so for about 10 days. They spread to all systems and continue to do their job after use. Bio-Pure also eliminates odors as well. The formula breaks down the sulfur-producing bacteria.

Save on Costs and Time Using Bio-Pure

Bio-Pure digests the wastes that are normally collected in Amalgam Separators, therefore you will have less waste, which entail means you will have fewer replacement components to purchase. It is also safe to use on any dry pump system. There is no need to worry what brand you currently own, Bio-Pure is safe to use on all because it is a non-foaming product. It is also less expensive then many of the cleaners out there.

Bio-Pure also saves time, not just money for your company. Think of the time you will save on not having to clean the traps out by hand. This is productive time that is now being spent on work related items, not cleaning. All you have to do is use Bio-Pure 2 times a week and the rest of the time, it does the work for you. No more interferences from a backup or clogged trap. Those days will be behind you once you start using Bio-Pure.

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Bio-Pure is the product that you have been waiting for. Using an all natural product that is safe for humans and the environment is beneficial to all. This is a safer and less expensive alternative to chemical products and will eliminate organic wastes every time. It is simple to use, continues to clean after applied and will eliminate costs of equipment maintenance and repairs. Contact us today to learn more about Bio-Pure and how it can save cost and money at your company.